Chapter 4 Release

After a big decision made by Simon the night before, an act by Tiffany and her friends has him quickly changing his mind. This leads Simon to Brenda and crossing that line once again. Unknowingly Simon has fallen right into Brenda's trap as we follow her and find out more about what is going on and who exactly is involved.  Brenda continues to lead Simon where she wants him as Simon continues to use what he thinks is his saviour, the magic book. 

  • 126 new images
  • 19 new scenes (some are small)
  • 24 pages from screenplay added
  • 1 new scene


  • Added new window to Simons bedroom for lighting reasons and redone all images in past chapters where new window show.
  • Added new windows to the downstairs hallway for lighting reasons  and redone all images in past chapters where new windows show
  • Made Tiffany's bedroom window wider for lighting reasons
  • Changed furniture around in lounge room for lighting reasons and redone lounge room scene from chapter 1 
  • Redone Lesbian sex scene from chapter 3, some of it anyway
  • Added new dialogue to explain why Emma backs down so quickly from Tiffany in park

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Jul 22, 2021
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Jul 22, 2021

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