Chapter 4 - Dev Note 3

  • Setup Scenes Stage 1: 100%
  • Setup Scenes Stage 2: 100%
  • Rendered Scenes: 100%
  • Last Check + Programming : 50%

Getting closer to release but still updating some images from earlier chapters.

If you haven't read the last dev note, I designed houses/town before I ever really rendered and their issues related to me lighting models in certain rooms, so made quite a lot of changes to help with that. This requires me to go back to chapter 1-3 and rerender certain images in rooms that have the changes.

The image attached to this dev note is actually from chapter 2 and you can see it's much brighter at the door end of Simon's bedroom due to the window placed on the left wall. Also, added 2 windows to the downstairs hallway, made Tiffany's bedroom window wider, plan to move the bed to the left of Brenda's bedroom and away from central room light, and finally, swapped furniture around in the lounge room so sofas models sit on are in front of the big lounge doors.

Not sure how much longer it be before I release but the only got to link the dialogue and images together in Ren'py and then chapter 4 finished. It's sorting things out in previous chapters that delaying me and quite frankly, having a lot of others things going on the last couple of months.

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