Chapter3 - Dev Note 4

  • Setup Scenes Stage 1: 74% (+13%)
  • Setup Scenes Stage 2: 74% (+13%)
  • Rendered Scenes:  74% (+24%)
  • Last Check + Programming : 34% (+34%)

Mostly been rendering images since the last dev note.

Last check + Programming is split 50/50 now, first 50% is the last check and last 50% is programming.

When I first announced chapter 3 I stated there be 128 images but as you developing, this number can increase or decrease, there now be a total of 139 images. There will still be 16 new scenes in total added to chapter 3 and I finished 12 of them so far, scene 13 is massive, it has 26 planned images but that might change after I set it up.

Not sure when I finish but the way I'm developing ATCT now and also, saving presets for poses I use is defiantly speeding things up.

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