Chapter 4 - Dev Note 2

Really sorry for the lack of news regarding the next update, just noticed it been 49 days since I posted.

I had a lot going on personally since the last update and I been trying to find ways to speed up production, I know the irony eh, trying to find ways to speed up production but doing that slows down the production of chapter 4.

I have worked out a better schedule for managing my 3d work and content creating for my youtube channel, 3d work is essentially this novel and I work on this Monday-Thursday. Most of the time anyway but sometimes life will get in the way, like next Tuesday (10th) when I get my first vaccine shot.

I have been trying to find ways to speed up renders but the best way to do that is to replace my current graphics card(Radeon RX 580) with an Nvidia one. However I don't have money to do that, so I'm stuck with what I got but I have managed to cut down some of the render time, saving up to 47mins per render now.  Also, the more chapters I do, the more model poses I'll save and faster production should become.

I also noticed some problems with the house layouts I designed, I did these before ever really learning to render and especially lighting. So I now added a 2nd window to Simon's bedroom and will be moving the furniture around in Brenda's bedroom, so there better lighting.

I have been slowly working on chapter 4 as well, got 7 out of 19 scenes set up so far and currently got the first 3 scenes fully rendered. Also, have about half of scene 4 rendered as well.

This is going to be a long project and while I'm learning at beginning of it, there going to be delays sometimes. Sadly, I just have to accept that is part of doing this, the more chapters I do, the faster production should become, I hope anyway.

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