Chapter 3 - Dev Note 1

Really should've posted by now, has been 2 months, however, I didn't have anything really to post till now.

Between the middle of December and until after my birthday on 8th January, it's always a very light time for me where I don't do much. It's about the only time of the year I actually take time for myself.  It can take a week for me to get back into things after that, so that is where I was at over a week ago.

Sadly, Daz Studio released an update that messed up my library after I really needed to install a new asset that I will be using in Chapter 3,  Had an on-going issue for ages now with Daz, so spent time figuring that out and don't have a perfect solution but do have a solution now. Also, on top of that, I stay in an upstairs flat and my bath/shower area was leaking into the downstairs flat every time I go for a shower, so had that to deal with and that still not resolved yet.

I have however managed to get work done on chapter 3 and I'm planning for 128 images which cover 16 brand new scenes. These scenes are a combined total of 25 pages of a screenplay which will mean 79-pages from a 296 screenplay has been done and added to season 1 of ATCT.

  • Written Scenes: 100%
  • Scene Planning: 100%
  • Setup Scenes Stage 1: 27%
  • Setup Scenes Stage 2: 27%
  • Rendered Scenes: 27%

One of the trickiest and time-consuming scenes has been done which is related to the image preview attached to this dev note.

I had hoped ATCT would be a strong business opportunity and a potential earner for me while I developed ATCT but I see the writing on the wall so to speak which I'm not mad about it, it's tough times for everyone right now. However, this does mean that ATCT is still a huge priority to me but its not the only priority I have now. Still think I can get consistent updates out now that my mid-Dec to Jan 10th break is over.

Hopefully, I don't have too many distractions over the next week and I can get a lot done now.

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