Chapter 2 - Dev Note 7

This will be the last dev note for chapter 2, as I'm close to finishing the actual update. 

  • 100% finished Setup Scenes Stage 2 
  • 100% finished rendering images
  • 75% Last Check & Programming

I've finished adding all the code needed for chapter update in Renpy, next is me going through and making sure each image matches the dialogue text it meant to go with, which will take ages sadly.

I've also finished doing a grammar check on chapter 1 and 2, I used Grammarly for this but don't have Premium version, still a big improvement (Chapter 1 took ages to do as dialogue was already added to Renpy).

I figure it be another day or 2 on matching images to dialogue and then another day to check, then done.

I do however wish to add a new custom menu screen (CMS) at start along with a link to here on itch and my Patreon. Also, I need to get my own custom icon added to VN, as this should resolve a bug I was told about. Not sure how long this take to do but if it starts to take to long, then I just release chapter 2 without the CMS and then just release CMS along with chapter 3.

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