Chapter 2 - Dev Note 2

Since I posted the last dev note, I spent most of the time "learning" and I not specifically go into full details, as there was a lot I looked into. It's obvious what the attended result of learning is and I feel good that the redone version of chapter 1 will be a major improvement on first demo of chapter 1.

I'm starting to think that I will actually release a 2nd demo version of chapter 1 and then go into developing chapter 2 after. I would prefer to get a better C1 version out as current one isn't a true reflection of the quality I am now capable off.

At present moment, I have 13 out of 27 scenes setup and ready to be rendered, and I have 22 out of 132 images re-rendered.

Due to doing better quality renders, it now takes between 2 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours to render 1 image, so sorry to say but going be awhile until am finished.

It be worth it in the end though.

P.S. should be quicker to setup the 2nd half of the scenes as I started setting them up a different way than first half, but didn't go back an redo first half until now.

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