Chapter 2: Dev Note 1

There is a reason why demo's are released, we get feedback that lets us know what is good but also, what is bad.

I received some criticism for the state of the demo, some I disagree with but some I agree with.

So I will be redoing the images in chapter 1, I plan to do the following in them.

  • Redo floorboard and carpet (if you look closely, can see carpet looks tiled)
  • Redo colours on wall, I was trying something different but colours are strong
  • Add title screens that guide you through each day of story.
  • Redo room lighting, after testing the last few days, I can now see current lighting isn't good enough.

I had hoped to get Chapter 2 out by end of month but we most likely looking at July now, it sucks but part of the learning curve.

The plan is to start redoing chapter 1 scenes tomorrow, then once finished setting them up, I will render them as I sleep and work on doing chapter 2 scenes during day.

We shall see how this plan goes. 

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